"Thank you for everything you did for me. I actually looked forward to seeing you each week and you respected my Christian values. The exercises we did helped me a great deal". Debra M.

"You were straightforward and practical. You suggested things to do that were really helpful. We learned good skills and I had a forum to speak". --Dave and Cindy

"It's been good. I've really enjoyed it. I appreciated the support on how to be more assertive and take my own needs into account." - SH

"Getting rid of the stuff from my past through EMDR has been amazingly helpful. I can't believe how much EMDR changes your life. I'm not living in the past anymore". - Jeremiah Kelly

"I had been struggling with anger and relationship issues for years, partially due to many traumatic events from my childhood forward and also due to my own ineffective behavioral patterns. Using EMDR under the guidance of Debbie drastically reduced the intensity of my memories surrounding past trauma, which dramatically reduced my anger and strong difficult emotions. Debbie provided a safe and supportive space in which I was able to work on meeting my goals. I can't believe the difference within myself and my relationships." Tracy

"I struggled with bipolar swings affecting my social and even work life. Debbie helped me to become an ally to myself instead of an enemy and to realize that i have no reason to carry shame. I learned a lot about the way i think and that with subtle changes i could begin to talk to myself without negativity. We have also made great progress at anticipating and mitigating my mood swings, which is very empowering. Debbie is very good at tailoring her methodology, she took my scientific curiosity and turned it inward so that i became interested in studying myself and how i could improve. She is also very respectful of one's beliefs, such as my fears of using psychoactive medication, and would never force anything on someone. I am very grateful for having met Debbie and know that my life is much better for it, she has helped me to steer my path out of a bad storm and towards a bright future! " -BB

"I know you probably get it a lot but you helped save my life Debbie, i'll never forget that!" Donna

"I alwasy leave here feeling better. It was beneficial to have an outlet" -SP

"These sessions are changing my life. I thought I'd always be stuck but am surprised by the things I'm learning". HH

"When I sought out Debbie's help, I had been stuck in a cycle of reactive behaviors due to unresolved trauma. My sessions with Debbie and EMDR were transformative. Each session brought me closer to unlocking my past, and understanding the lasting impact and influence that past trauma had in my daily life and relationships. EMDR opened the connection between past and present, allowing me to move towards integration, to realize a solid sense of self, and to no longer fear being hijacked by my emotions. It was challenging work; but ultimately, with Debbie's guidance, I was able to move through the fear and arrive on the other side with greater awareness and peace".

'You helped me so much in restoring my relationship with my daughter. She wrote me a Mother's Day card for the first time in 5 years. I am so thankful." - SL

"EMDR is so incredibly helpful. I was able to get to a deeper level much faster and was finally able to let go of the past. I can feel a huge difference." Beth

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